Practical tips at every stage of your career: watch, act, and win!

An ambitious leader uses every opportunity to gain new knowledge. Here, we’ve collected Dr Jankowski’s tips on career development for you. No matter what stage you’re currently at, whether you’re just starting your management journey or you’re already a seasoned manager, you’ll definitely find something relevant to your here.

#6 Five steps to change your personal brand

Watch and learn five steps which are key to reinventing yourself for the business marketplace. I doesn’t matter whether your desired changes are large or small those tips will be helpful.

#5 How to negotiate your salary

Negotiation skills are.crucial for your career success, so don’t buy into common myths. If you do your homework and negotiate for what you want, you will reap significant benefits for years to come.

#4 How to downsize your sales force

Many industries have downsize sales forces.There are several reasons for recent sales force job cuts. how to avoid five of the most critical.sales.force downsizing.errors.

#3 Dealing with a bad boss

It is often said there’s nothing certain in life except death.and taxes. The parallel in organizational life is that at some your career you will have a bad boss — or at least a boss who is bad for you. Learn how dealing with a bad boss.can be one of the most nerve-wracking events of your career.

#2 Consider criticism as a form of coaching

Feedback is a valuable source of inspiration for further development. But what if the feedback contains criticism? How should we respond to it? How to properly deal with criticism and unfavorable comments? From video you will learn how to derive maximum benefit from the criticism - regardless of who passes it and whether these remarks are justified at all.

#1 How to work with a persistent manipulator

Dr. Witold Jankowski will give you 3 ways to work with a person who is still manipulating. You will learn how to defend yourself against manipulation, how to deal with a person who plays impure and how to protect yourself and others from manipulators.

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